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Holistic Stress Management 

Expertly designed Brain, Breathing, + Body sessions to support Your Natural Resilience on the road of life.

Sunnie Mortimer
Board Certified Holistic Nurse
Founder Natural-Resilience

Bedminster, NJ Office + Virtual

"During and after a session with Sunnie, I feel a strong sense of calm and inner peace that fosters my ability to be centered and increases my ability to consciously choose an effective response to stressors. Sunnie sees and hears each individual, appreciates your journey, walks alongside you, and provides tools to navigate life's inevitable stressors." MB.F

Holistic Ways to Live Your Best Life

Your Brain, Breathing, + Body - Your Keys to a Healthy Regulated Nervous System 

When stress levels go up, the brain sends fight or flight signals which drain and deplete the body’s energy reserves. 

Holistic stress relief tools and techniques help reset, calm, and recharge the nervous system to support you in confidently managing daily life and preventing disease. 


In a Stress Mastery active participant session, Sunnie can show you how to use stress relief tools to self-regulate and reset your nervous system.


In a Stress Relief passive participant session, you relax while she uses techniques like acupressure and vagus nerve stimulation to aid in resetting your nervous system.

Sunnie Mortimer Teaching HeartMath

Resilience is knowing there are tools and techniques to steer through everyday challenges.

“When things get really tough, I have confidence in the tools and techniques that help me feel better.” M.M. 

Resilience is building a reservoir of resources to prepare for daily life and challenges. 

“I feel prepared to be my emotional and physical best. I am ready to handle challenges with a sense of control." D.A.

Resilience is managing your day with a sense of balance.


“I feel stable, even if there are bumps in my day.” C.G. 

What is Interactive Metronome -Brain Training? 

The 20-session program enhances the brain's speed and efficiency in sending information by improving brain pathways and synchronizing areas of the brain.


The program includes a combination of individually designed Interactive Metronome Training, Blaze Pods, and cognitive, motor, and balance challenges. 

Brain exercise sessions focus on achieving cognitive sharpening goals and enhanced motor skills for students, athletes, business people, people with ADHD and autism spectrum diagnoses, and people looking to stay sharp in later years.

“My experience with the Interactive Metronomic Brain Training was simply fantastic and much more than I expected. The work was challenging but super fun and I really felt my brain working throughout each session which was confirmed with testing measurements showing significant progress! I now have many practical and simple tools that I can use at home, work or anywhere at any time. This training completely proved to me that you can grow your brain at any age if you are willing to put in just a little effort. I cannot thank Sunnie Mortimer enough for her professionalism, wisdom and kindness throughout this wonderful journey. I highly recommend Sunnie and the program.” Rhonda | Business Person

"Through her work this spring in Interactive Metronome with Sunnie, C. has shown marked improvement in her academic and emotional skills. C. is working more productivity in Math and her teachers see an improvement in emotional skills. IM has helped further C’s coping skills; she is less reactive and better able to pause before taking action when she is stressed or frustrated. I know that C. looks forward to IM each week because of the supportive atmosphere, gentle guidance and acceptance from Sunnie. In the fall, I plan to have C. return for IM, as it has made a considerable difference in C.’s abilities and overall wellbeing." HA, mother of C., age 10


"My ADHD is better, I am more organized and understand schoolwork better. I am more focused when taking tests, homework is easier.  I feel more relaxed and less anxious." C.M., age 15

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