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Interactive Metronome
Brain Training Exercise Programs

Personalized sessions have been shown to improve self-regulation, attention and focus, motor control and coordination, language skills, and reading and math fluency. Programs may include a combination of Interactive Metronome (IM), BlazePods, and challenging memory games.

Uniquely customized programs to achieve your cognitive goals 

Brain exercises focus on achieving specific cognitive sharpening goals for students, athletes, business people, people with ADHD and autism spectrum diagnoses, and people looking to stay sharp in later years. 


The Natural-Resilience Interactive Metronome program is 20 fifty-minute sessions to achieve the maximum sustainable benefits. 

Interactive Metronome Training (IM)

IM uses various fun and engaging computer programs that generate rhythmic beats. Participants get immediate auditory and visual feedback regarding their ability to match the beat with hand and foot movements.


Brain pathways grow stronger by synchronizing body movements with beats over extended periods. 

Interactive Metronome Brain Training
Interactive Metronome Brain Training

The Science 

The brain science behind IM focuses on neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain's ability to reorganize and adapt to new experiences and learning.


Evidence shows that IM increases the activity and functional connectivity of the cerebellum, as well as other brain regions involved in attention, working memory, motor planning, and coordination.


Ongoing studies also show IM has increased the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a protein essential for neural development and neuroplasticity. 

Cerebral Cortex

Participant Results with IM Tracking Software 

Brain Training Diagram

Improvements in Clarity, Memory, Focus, Organization, Problem Solving, Reading and Math Comprehension. Time Management, Coping Skills, Emotional Regulation, Sports Improvement, Eye-Hand Coordination, Rhythm and Timing, and Balance.

Student + Athlete - "hitting incredible improvement, pitching very well, improved independence with homework, less resistance and procrastination, seems happier" J.B., mother of T., age 15

IM improved my focus and made me more attentive. It helped my golf game and timing. Ever since brain training, life has gotten easier. B.C. age 12

In life I have noticed an improvement in things like X-box, reading, writing, sports, and remembering things in general. In my test-taking ability, I have noticed many improvements, like being more aware of the time, remembering the material that I learned, and understanding things without zoning out. IM has affected my social skills in many great ways like talking to people without getting distracted, remembering things when I talk to people, and just getting along better with my friends. IM helped me a lot when it comes to my ability to cope. Some ways are when I’m at home doing homework and I don’t understand something, I calm down much faster. Also, I am much less stressed out with schoolwork when I have a lot. B.K. age 11

The work (IM) was challenging but super fun and I really felt my brain working throughout each session which was confirmed by testing measurements showing significant progress! I now have many practical tools that I can use at home, at work, or anywhere at any time. This training completely proved to me that you can grow your brain at any age if you are willing to put in just a little bit of effort.

R.T. age 59

Prevention - “I am doing this to help prevent Alzheimers or dementia. My brain feels clear and sharp and is firing on all cylinders. I feel more balanced and coordinated like my brain and body are working together better.” C.S., age 60

BlazePods Brain Training Exercises  

BlazePods brain training can enhance memory, attention, and response time. Like Interactive Metronome Training, a participant's results are tracked for immediate performance feedback. 


BlazePods are based on the principles of cognitive training, which is a form of brain exercise that improves cognition by challenging the brain with a variety of tasks.


Thee pods include light sensors that can be programmed to produce a variety of visual signals. The stimuli are intended to stimulate a variety of brain structures, including the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision-making, attention, and working memory.


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