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Stress Relief Programs
with Holistic Nurse

The Natural-Resilience holistic stress relief mastery approach considers the person's physical and emotional well-being to bring about balance and reduce stress in all areas of life. Every session with Sunnie starts with compassionate, active listening to understand the unique situation and stress relief needs.

Active Participant

Stress Mastery +
Stress Relief

Depending on the stress level, the co-created approach may look like an active or passive participant session or a combination of both.

Sunnie Mortimer Founder Natural-Resilience

Sunnie Mortimer

Active Participant Session 


A personalized active participant session could be learning self-regulation tools to cope with stress healthily and independently. The learning session may include HeartMath biofeedback, optimal breathing exercises, guided imagery exercises, and developing a cognitive coping strategy plan.


Some people refer to their sessions with Sunnie as refilling their resilience reservoir. When stress pops up, they rely on the tools they have learned to reset their nervous system to maintain and replenish energy. 


The more a person practices the tools, the more they can reduce stress and anxiety, enhance physical and emotional health and relationships, practice preventive health, and increase creativity and productivity.

Sunnie Mortimer teaching breathing techniques

Passive Participant Session 


A passive participant session for people with high stress levels may include calming acupressure on a heated BioMat or BEMER mat. Additional techniques such as Vagus Nerve Stimulation, breathing patterns guided imagery, or hypnotherapy may also be used to assist in resetting the nervous system. 

Passive Participant

Tools + Techniques 

HeartMath is a stress management biofeedback program that assists people in improving their emotional and physical health. The program teaches scientifically proven techniques to improve the relaxing nervous system, heart rate variability (HRV), manage stress and practice preventative health. 

Optimal Breathing guidance shows people how to improve their breathing and practice breathing patterns to manage stress. This process helps to fully utilize the diaphragm, balance, and maintain optimal oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, significantly impacting other physiological processes in the body. 
Proper breathing has a direct effect on the nervous system. It is an effective tool for managing stress and promoting health. Proper breathing can also enhance memory, support immune function, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep quality. When the diaphragm moves during optimal breathing, it also helps to massage and detoxify the inner organs and move the lymphatic fluid more effectively through the body, which is essential for the immune system.


Stress Management Coaching can address an individual's unique challenges with cognitive tools to develop coping skills, positive problem-solving, self-awareness, and self-regulation.

Guided Imagery is a gentle yet powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination. It helps soothe anxiety symptoms and support goal attainment by using visualization to create a more relaxed mind and produce desired outcomes. 


Mind/Body Prepare for Surgery - Preparing before Surgery is a proven method for better outcomes using guided imagery specifically designed for pre-surgery and self-help techniques to calm before and after surgery. Research shows that preparation prior to procedures reduces anxiety, pain and nausea, and improves the recovery process.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation is a gentle ear stimulation that strengthens and tones the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is primarily responsible for the relaxing nervous system. As a result of factors like stress or aging, the vagus nerve can lose its ability to balance and relax the body and mind. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy can address anxiety and stress by facilitating deep relaxation state. During hypnotherapy, people can feel calm and learn self-regulating relaxation and other coping mechanisms. 

Acupressure (Jin Shin Jyutsu) is a gentle, non-invasive hand and finger pressure technique that balances the energy in the body and quiets the mind. The body is better at healing itself and aids in the relief of pain. Practitioners focus on traditional Chinese energy points in the body. 
uses Far Infrared light and Negative Ions to improve blood circulation and cellular health.


BEMER mat (Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation) uses a safe pulsed electromagnetic frequency to increase microcirculation. The effect is soothing and refreshing as the body's reservoir refills without effort.

What is stress?

Stress Mastery

When you know how to spot and master stress, your brain and body can work in your favor to express your highest human potential. You'll notice increased concentration, stamina, confidence, decreased irritability, impulsiveness, and nagging aches and pains. 

Natural-Resilience Zen Rocks

What does stress feel like?

Anxiety, fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, irritability, racing thoughts, low motivation, headaches, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, digestive issues, muscle tightness, pain, sleep issues, + immune issues. 

Why do you feel stress? 

When you feel stressed, your mind and body signal for change; the triggers might be significant life events, occupational overload, injuries, or pre-surgery anxiety. Your mind and body automatically use your energy reserves to manage the perceived threat. 


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